Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - One Word

One Word

Avoid lecturing and nagging. Use one word as a kind reminder.

1) “Towel.” (for the towel left on the floor)
2) “Dog.” (when the dog has not been fed)
3) “Dishes.”
4) “Bedtime.”
5) When agreements are made together in advance, one word is often all that needs to be said.

I like this tool card a lot! We are actually trying this because my son has a tendency to be a bit negative (especially towards his sister). So we discussed the problem and came up with the word "sunshine" as a reminder to not be so negative. I think he likes that a lot better than getting a lecture from me on the finer points of being positive. It can also be can kind of fun. When you say the one word reminder you might get a little grin from your children when the light bulb goes on and they remember what they need to do.

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