Sunday, September 26, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - Wheel of Choice

Using the Wheel of Choice is one way to teach Problem-Solving.

1) Brainstorm (with your children) a list of possible solutions to everyday conflicts or problems.
2) On a pie shaped chart write one solution in each section and let children draw illustrations or symbols.
3) When there is a conflict, suggest the children use the wheel of choice to find a solution that will solve the problem.

You can download the Wheel of Choice or you can make one of your own. We are going to put the Wheel of Choice on our refrigerator and try it during the week. The most common problem in our family right now is sibling rivalry, so it will be nice to direct my kids to the Wheel of Choice so they can solve the problem on their own.


Karen said...

Love it. Printing it off and putting it on the fridge!

Jess said...

Fab! Thanks for that.

Drawing the random 2 winners tonight. Did you want to draw one, or should I do the two and then let you know? Lots of people very excited to have the opportunity to enter. (:


Single Dad Brad said...

Hi Jess,
Yes...go ahead and draw two and let me know. We are having a similar drawing on the Positive Discipline Facebook page for 5 free cards on October 1st. So those that don't win can go over there and try again. :-)