Sunday, September 19, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - Anger Wheel of Choice

Anger Wheel of Choice

1) Teach your children that feelings are always okay, but what they do is not always okay.
2) During a time when your child is feeling calm, show him or her the Anger Wheel of Choice and go  over the respectful alternatives for expressing anger.
3) When your child is angry, validate feelings and then invite him or her to choose an action from the Anger Wheel of Choice.

This seems to be a tool card designed for younger children. Although when I introduced the tool card to my children, my 11-year-old daughter said "That's a good idea!", and proceeded to mold clay in the shape of her brother and pounded it with her fist.  I'm not sure that is exactly the intent of this tool card, but at least she found a safe way to express her aggression. :-)

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Karen said...

I think this concept would work well with older kids too. Maybe you wouldn't have the drawings, or maybe it wouldn't be a pie chart, but having a list handy of what to do in a certain situation would be helpful (especially if the solutions were brainstormed together).

I think I'll make up one for myself while I'm at it!