Sunday, August 29, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - Focus On Solutions

Instead of focusing on blame, focus on solutions.

1) Identify a problem.
2) Brainstorm for as many solutions as possible.
3) Pick one that works for everyone.
4) Try the solution for a week.
5) In a week, evaluate. If it didn’t work start over.

What a great message we would be sending our children if we could really practice this tool card. Blame usually creates resentment and resistance from our children. I know that I often tell my children what they are doing wrong, but I rarely work with them on a solution. Or better yet, help them brainstorm for a solution on their own.

I think I will post this tool card in every room so I am reminded to focus on solutions during the week. That will be my mantra this week and I will see if it is a more effective way to solve problems.


Anonymous said...

I think...I'll do the same!!!!!

Karen said...

How's it going with this tool card Brad?

Last week off before school starts and I've been having a very challenging week - I have to keep reminding myself of this card AND the Back Talk card!