Thursday, May 13, 2010

Offline Dating

I'm sitting here at 11:22 p.m. with a load of laundry in the dryer and dishes in the dishwasher. So I thought "Hey...what a great time to post an update on dating." I mean come on, who doesn't want to date a guy who does laundry and dishes?

I titled this post "Offline Dating" because I am sooooo done with the whole online dating thing. Online dating is just too aggravating because it condenses everything. Since you are paying for the service, you tend to feel that you need to use it. But then you end up dating people you would never date otherwise.

On the other hand, offline dating has a much more relaxed pace. In is so relaxed there isn't any dating going on at all. But I am starting to introduce myself to strange women. Maybe "strange women" isn't the proper term...but they are strangers to me. Most recently I mustered up the courage to ask out a woman who works at the local organic grocery store. In the past we have had some harmless discussions about hemp seed and wheat grass, but this time I thought I would muster up the courage to ask her out.

After she scanned all my groceries I said "I hope this isn't too awkward for you, but I would love to get to know you better." She smiled and replied "Awww that is very flattering, but I have a boyfriend." Boyfriend? Do women in their 40's still have "boyfriends?" But I just said "He is a lucky man." grabbed my groceries and headed for the door.

I have to admit that I haven't had a lot of success with approaching women I don't know. There was the girl at the gym who said "Thanks, but I don't really date." Then a week later she was working out with a tattooed muscle head. There was the woman at Target who said "I'm married!" Please ladies...if you are married, get a wedding ring.

Even though it hasn't been too successful, I will keep trying. And on the bright side, getting rejected in person is a lot cheaper than online dating. At least I don't have to spend $100 on dinner and a movie to find out we aren't a match.


Janeen T, aka: Ben's Mommy said...

I gave up on online dating also and am not having any luck at the offline approach. If a guy talked to me in the grocery store or at Starbucks or at the gym, I'd be flattered! But I think that when my son is with me, I become "unapproachable." Would you talk to a woman who had a 6-year-old in tow? I guess I need to start doing errands when he's with his dad!

Shantell Brightman said...

No more online dating for me either. As you said, it's better to save your money. Glad you are giving the grocery store a try!! I always try to look good in the produce section :)I agree with Janeen...I become "unapproachable" when my kids are with me. Especially my son who is 14 and 4 inches taller. I wonder what men are thinking...

momzblotter said...

It is so different to see the flip side of the coin. Being stuck in a marriage is hard. But I know that somewhere out there is someone like me and I love when I read how there are great dads still out there.

Elly said...

You are doing great being yourself and as a good father. When the time is right, your Ms. Right will come to you without you looking for her :)