Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teenagers and Routine Charts - Part 2

Well I am sad to report that my son did not break any Guinness Book records. But I am happy to report that he might make it in the world after all. Without any prompting from me, he decided to pick up the clothes in his bathroom and move them to the hamper. Of course...then he started a new pile. But even though he is not following the system we agreed on, he apparently does have a system. Sometimes I guess we need to allow our teenagers to figure these things out on their own, even if it doesn't exactly match our schedule or preferred method.

Also, I have a confession to make. When I was a teenager I lived in a much more humid environment and had a bathroom with carpeting. It got so bad in my bathroom once I actually found a mushroom growing in the corner. So today I am grateful for tile and a desert climate. :-)


Anonymous said...

A mushroom - hahahahahaha!!!!

In Positive Discipline for Teenagers I have chapter 6, How Do You Get Teens To Keep Their Agreements", bookmarked and read it often!

The one trap that I find myself in sometimes is trap number one:
Thinking that teens think the way you think.

I love the part "Is it news to you that they don't care what the neighbours think about their "droppings" left around the house and that cleaning up their dirty dishes after they've made a snack is nowhere on their list of priorities? This doesn't mean they shouldn't do these things. It just means they aren't priorities for your teens.)

It's really helped me to remember this.

Single Dad Brad said...

That is a very good point. Just because they don't care, doesn't mean those things don't need to be done. I need to also remember the "Kind and Firm" part of Positive Discipline.