Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bachelor

After watching The Bachelor last week I was inspired to start dating again. I figure I couldn't do any worse than Jake. I mean seriously...Vienna??? Are you kidding me? I thought pilots were supposed to have good vision?

My blog could use a little excitement anyway. So even though the dating process can be painful and depressing, it does give my mom something to look forward to. She loves it when I date because she doesn't need soap operas or reality t.v. And believe me...The Bachelor drama has got nothing on my relationship drama. Maybe some day I'll write a book, but for now I'll just try and maintain my sanity.

I'm a bit hesitant to do the online dating thing again...although that is the quickest, most effective way to meet women. The problem is that it almost works too good. In the "quantity" category I mean. Quality is another story. But then my mom reminds me of all the nice women I've met in the past, and I guess she's right. The problem is sifting through the "not so nice" to get to the "nice". And don't even get me started on the difference between the online profiles and the in-person reality.

Okay...that's enough of the glass is half empty talk. The point is I am going to get out there and start dating. My daughter keeps telling me that she wants to be the flower girl at my wedding. Then I tell her that I have a better chance of being the flower girl at her wedding. To which she replies " can't be the flower girl at my wedding, you have to give me away." She has a point there. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good, the online dating pool needs someone like you floating around in it. You will restore the faith of single women everywhere.

Jane Nelsen said...

Yeah, I have something to look forward. Be sure to share. I can hardly stand it that the Bachelor is over. You could be your own reality TV show, both for dating and working on tool cards with you kids.