Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Top 10 Ways to Tell You’ve Been Online Dating Too Long

#10 – You can use the pick up line “You look familiar to me” and actually mean it!

#9 – You’re convinced that the Delete Button and Reply Button on female owned computers have been switched.

#8 – You recognize women on the street by their profile username.

#7 – You know all the daily lunch specials at the restaurants in town.

#6 – You’ve dated women named Chris, Kris, Christine, Kristine, Kristy, Kristi and Christy.

#5 – You know that “Take Care” means “Take Off”.

#4 – You’ve been rejected by more women than a door to door vacuum salesman.

#3 – If you had invested the money you’ve spent on dates you would be a millionaire and those same women would actually be attracted to you now!!!

#2 – You’re still getting winks, flirts, icebreakers and emails from dating sites you cancelled 5 years ago.

#1 – has added a clause to the 6-month guarantee excluding you from participation.


Jane Nelsen said...

This is REALLY funny and should be published.

SalT said...

Your mom sent this to me. She's right you know. It is really funny and should be published.

Don't you just hate it when she is right!