Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays???

Today I hung up Christmas lights on our house. I risked life and limb, tore a hole in my jeans, and cut my hand on a broken light! Could someone please tell me WHY do we call this a "Holiday"??? To me the word "holiday" means relaxing on the beach or playing golf. You know..a vacation from the stress and worries of every day life. THAT'S a "holiday"!!! Spending all my money, stressing myself out, and nearly killing myself to hang up Christmas lights...that's not a "holiday"!!! It's not that I don't enjoy the "REAL" purpose behind these holidays. Getting together with the people you love and sharing time together. I guess I just don't enjoy the "RETAIL" part of the holidays. Every holiday has some sort of fabricated meaning that is designed to get us to buy more candy, costumes, fireworks, plastic eggs or flowers. But mostly candy! So why was I up on the roof hanging up lights today? Because my cute little 8 year old daughter said "Daaaaad, everyone has their Christmas lights up EXCEPT for US!!!" Now how could I resist that kind of invitation to experience the joy of Christmas?

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