Thursday, April 23, 2009

StrAinge Movie Reviews

Since I am currently dating my Apple TV, I thought I would put that time to good use and start a movie review section on my blog. I consider myself a pretty good judge of the quality and entertainment value of movies. Of course since movies are an art form, it is obviously subjective and you may want to compare your opinions to mine to see if we have the same tastes.

Today I will review a BAD movie and a GREAT movie.

First the bad movie. I rented Rachel Getting Married because it got a lot of attention at the Academy Awards. Well...this movie just proves that the Academy Award doesn't always get it right. Rachel Getting Married is an awful movie! First of all it is filmed in an almost documentary format. There were even a couple times in the movie when the video cameras were visible in the shot. Basically you are watching a dysfunctional family during the week of a wedding. The dysfunctional family formula can work IF there is a good story line. The Family Stone is a good example of a movie that featured a dysfunctional family, but was also very entertaining. Rachel Getting Married doesn't even have a compelling story line. I kept waiting for something to develop, but it was honestly just plain boring. Who cares if Rachel is getting married??? I give this movie one star at most.

Now for the Five Star Movie! Ghost Town.

I LOVED this movie. I didn't really know anything about the movie when I rented it, so it was a pleasant surprise. The lead in the movie Ricky Gervais is a very sneaky funny British actor. Twice during the movie I had to push the pause button to catch my breath because I was laughing so hard. He has a typical dry British sense of humor which doesn't get in the way of the story. In one scene he is invited over to the neighbors for dinner and he packs more humor into that 5 minute scene than most entire movies.

I highly recommend this movie...especially if you need a good laugh!

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