Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hinky Pinky

I picked my daughter up from school yesterday and on the way home she was telling me all about the game they played in class called "Hinky Pinky". It can also be called "Hink Pink" or "Hinkety Pinkety" depending on the number of syllables in the words.

Here is how it works. You think of two rhyming words that describe something else, then ask people to guess. Emma had a list of Hinky Pinky riddles for me on the way home from school. Then at dinner she explained the game to Gibson and we all had fun taking turns thinking of Hinky Pinky's.

Here is a list of some of my favorites from dinner last night:

A rabbit comedian? Funny Bunny
When Einstein passes gas? Smart Fart
A chubby feline? Fat Cat
Complimenting a power source? Battery Flattery
A pregnant reptile? Fertile Turtle
A cruel vegetable? Mean Bean
A vehicle that is good at golf? Par Car

Try it with your kids. It's guaranteed to entertain!

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Carissa Peck said...

I totally learned that these are ink pinks but the premise is exactly the same. I use them a lot for studying vocab words and reviewing their meanings. It gets really dynamic when students can make their own! Glad to see other people love them too!

It helps your students with critical thinking, inferring, vocabulary and so much more! Such a great game!