Friday, December 19, 2008

Girls Are Weird

Girls are weird! I've come to this conclusion through my own un-scientific study. Not only have I observed this during my past seven years of dating which pretty much qualifies me for a PhD in the subject. But I have also observed this in the girls that are my son's age. You see my son started Junior High (insert ominous music here) this year...and that seems to be when girls make the transformation from sweet, fun-loving, happy girls and change into..._________ (fill in the blank). We have several of these girls in our neighborhood. These girls used to wave to us when we drove by and say hello when we passed them on the street. They would babysit my youngest daughter. They would come around and sell tickets to their very own choreographed dance performance and set up chairs in their front yard. These girls even invited my son to a princess birthday party and crowned him the prince. But then they started Junior High (insert ominous music here). Suddenly these same girls don't wave anymore. They walk by with their head down looking at their feet. Unless of course they are in a group and then they walk by giggling and snickering. We notice this almost every morning because there is a group of girls on the corner of our street waiting for their ride to Junior High (insert ominous music here). Every morning I wave and every morning they turn away, look at their feet, or turn to each other and snicker. My son and I laugh because it is kind of funny to observe this bizarre phenomenon. I honestly have not figured out what causes this behavior. It must be some deep seeded instinctual gene that has evolved over millions of years. Of course they didn't have Junior High (insert ominous music here) millions of years ago. So maybe it is a relatively new behavior that developed at about the same time the public school system started. I really don't know and I probably never will because it has been 30 years since I attended Junior High (insert ominous music here) and I still haven't figured out the female gender. And based on my track record and recent experiences, I'm sure I never will.

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