Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Hazards of Being Tall

I'm a fairly tall guy...6'5". And as a tall person you get used to ducking under low clearance areas. Bump your head a few times and it doesn't take too long to get the point. Luckily I'm not so tall that I have to worry about most doorways, but I usually need to duck under something every day.
But when you add a little absent mindedness to that've got a recipe for disaster! Today was a very busy day for me. Haircut in the morning, workout, get all the orders for the day processed and take the cat in for a haircut. (We go to different stylists) But I'm scrambling to get everything done and I needed to make a trip to my storage unit for some inventory that had to go out today.
I got to the storage unit and rolled up the door. I honestly don't remember ducking under the door on my way in, but I must have because apparently the door was only opened to 6 feet. Did I mention that I'm 6'5"??? I had my sunglasses on and it was a little dark, but I found the inventory I needed and headed for the exit. I was looking down at the items I was carrying and "BLAM!!!" I ran face first into the storage unit door. I staggered back a little dazed and wondered what hell was that? I took off my sunglasses which were plastered against my face and totally destroyed. As the stars began to clear I realized that I somehow managed to head-butt myself against the metal edge of that door! OUCH!!!
Well I got out of there (ducking this time) and got into my car. When I looked in the mirror I had two cuts, one on my forehead and a fairly deep puncture wound right between the eyes! Luckily it didn't require stitches, but we'll have to wait and see if it leaves a scar. I guarantee though, if it leaves a scar I'm going to come up with a much more heroic explanation that doesn't include an inanimate object!

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