Monday, July 9, 2007

Did Somebody Say Cool???

I have a confession to make...I am NOT cool!!! And I'm not referring to the current summer heat wave!

It's okay, I've known that I'm not cool for a long time (see High School picture) and I'm getting more and more comfortable with it as I grow older. I've seen cool, so I know what it looks like. I've even attempted to be cool on occasion, but usually end up looking pathetic (which is not cool).

If you would like proof of this fact you can ask my kids. I love to tease my 8 year old daughter who is definitely aware that I am not cool. I'll sing while fixing her hair which always gets a reaction and an eventual elbow to the ribs if I don't stop. I'll bust out in a dance move which causes her to immediately cover her face with a pillow or any nearby object so she doesn't have to watch that display. Or I'll just say something like "Yo, what up home girl...word!" to which she will reply " don't know hip hop!"

Then there is my 10 year old son. Wait a 10 year old son DOES think I'm cool. I'm trying to keep him in the dark as long as possible because he is my last remaining hope of being cool!!!

But my 15 year old son on the other hand (who is by the way very cool) knows beyond a shadow of doubt that I am NOT! But believe me...after watching what it takes to be cool...I don't want it!!! For starters I would have to wear my pants somewhere between my hips and my KNEES!!! And not just when I go out...I would even have to where my pajamas low! I'm not sure who would be watching me sleep, but just in case anyone from the outside world comes into my bedroom I would want to be prepared to look cool. Can someone PLEASE explain this fad to me? How long can this last??? I went to a water park the other day and they actually wear their swimsuits around their knees! Oh well...what do I know? I'm NOT cool.

Another good example of my chronic condition of "un-coolness" is the fact that I drive a mini-van! That's right...a Honda Odyssey to be precise...and I LOVE It!!! I can't stress that enough! There are plenty of much cooler automobiles in that price range, but I LOVE my Honda Odyssey! I've had my current Odyssey for 2 years. Guess what I drove before that? A Honda Odyssey! I drove it for 10 years and 300,000 miles! Definitely very low on the cool meter, but waaaaay up there on the reliability scale! And it was still going strong when I traded it in, so I got another one just like it! VERY Un-Cool!!!

Anyway, I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page just in case there is anybody who actually reads this besides my Mom. Hey that's one more person who thinks I'm cool!!! At least I think she does??? Well it doesn't matter because even if she didn't think I was cool, she would still tell me that I am which is why I love her so much!!! :-)

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Jane Nelsen said...

Before I even came to the last paragraph I was thinking, "I think you are very cool--and funny and insightful, and talented, and a really good man. I love you too. Mom