Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Star Trek Night!!!

Tonight is "Star Trek Night"!!! That's right...the night my kids and I sit down to watch another exciting episode from Season One of the Star Trek series. Now I was never much of a Treky growing up. My older brother on the other hand was a full blown Star Trek fanatic! In fact, I remember once during one of our blended family adventures, my loving older brother hit one of my step-sisters with a baseball bat because she changed the channel from Star Trek!

But I digress. The reason tonight is Star Trek night is because my youngest son who is 10 years old was watching a rerun of Star Trek Deep Space 9. I sat down with him for a few minutes until I realized that the content of that series was a bit over his head and probably not appropriate for him. So I told him about the original Star Trek series that was on T.V. when I was a kid. So we purchased the Season One DVD set. But instead of letting him retreat to the basement and sit in front of the T.V. watching hours of Star Trek, I told him that we would have a Star Trek Night and watch just one episode a week just like when the series first came out.

You would not believe how excited my kids get when it's Star Trek night!!! Not necessarily because Star Trek is the most exciting television series ever produced. But mostly because they get to spend some time with Dad! And it really drove home the importance of family traditions and rituals. In our modern day society, we get so busy we rarely have quality time together as a family. Even eating dinner together can be a challenge. So creating and planning family time can be very important. And it certainly doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Even something as simple as Star Trek Night!

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