Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Find a New Year's Resolution Partner

My dog Gracie and I go on a morning walk EVERY day! We are like the postal service. Neither rain, sleet or snow keeps us from our morning walk. In fact, I'm certain that we have missed fewer days then the postal service the past 3 years.

My commitment to my morning walk with Gracie has little to do with my dedication and discipline. It is mostly because I have a very persuasive walking partner. Dogs love routines and they have surprisingly accurate internal clocks. Every morning Gracie is waiting (not so patiently) for me to finish breakfast. Then she waits outside my bedroom door while I get ready. Then she leads me to the hall closet to get her leash. On those rare occasions when a morning walk is not possible, the disappointed and confused look on her face is heartbreaking. That is why I don't like to miss too many days.

If going on a morning walk was my new year's resolution, I would have the perfect resolution partner. So regardless of your new year's resolution, find a persuasive resolution partner and you will be guaranteed success!

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