Sunday, April 8, 2012

Problem Solving with Positive Discipline

As I have been going through the Positive Discipline Tool Cards on a weekly basis, I am starting to find my favorite tools. One of my favorite tools is family meetings. We have been using the Family Meeting Album which helps me stay organized and consistent. Problem Solving is a big part of each family meeting. I find it difficult to problem solve effectively during our hectic weeks, but on the weekend during our family meetings we have more time to brainstorm for solutions.

I have included a sample problem solving page from one of our family meetings. As you can see, it helps to have a format for finding solutions. My daughter Emma was our scribe and both the kids participated in brainstorming for solutions. The following week we followed up to see how the solution was working. Both the kids agreed that it was working and Emma wrote "A++".


Jane Nelsen said...

Love it. Shared it on my Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I like how it's written down. I wonder what privileges would have been lost if it wasn't being used properly. Was it loss of privileges with the ipod, or a different privilege? Thanks.

The Cooking Corner said...

What a great post!! I love how you were so creative and then put up the example on your blog for others to see and learn from!

As I start to see my daughter "test" the waters I will remember your post!