Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Dog Who Eats Rocks

The title of this blog post sounds kind of like a children's book, but it actually describes our new puppy Gracie. I know puppies like to chew on everything in sight...I just didn't know that included rocks! Growing up I can't remember any of my dogs eating rocks.

I first noticed this on our morning walk one day. Every five feet, Gracie would scoop up something in her mouth. Usually it is just a leaf, or a stick, or maybe a chunk of grass out of my neighbors lawn. (Don't worry...Gracie is doing my neighbors a favor by dethatching their lawn for Spring.)

Then she scooped up something and I could hear her chewing on it for about a block. Finally I stopped and pried open her mouth and out dropped a rock! Since that day I find her chewing on a rock almost every day. I feel like I need to learn the Puppy Heimlich maneuver in case she tries to swallow one of those rocks. Until yesterday I assumed that she would never actually try and swallow a rock. I was outside scooping poop and low and behold, there was a rock about the size of a large grape! Can you imagine digesting and passing a jagged rock! That must have been fun.

I'm kind of at a loss as to what I should do about this strange phenomenon. I'm not able to watch her every second of the day. I certainly can't remove all the rocks from my backyard. Half of my landscaping is rocks. I guess I'll just have to trust that she will only try to swallow the small rocks and also hope that rocks provide some kind of nutritional value. They should certainly provide plenty of roughage!!!


Karen said...

There was an episode of The Dog Whisperer about a dog who loved chewing rocks. If you google it, there are a number of links with suggestions! Good luck. Your puppy is adorable :)

David said...

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