Sunday, December 12, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Cards - Follow Through and Positive Time-Out

Follow Through

If you say it, mean it, and if you mean it follow through.

Kids know when you mean it and when you don’t.

If you say: “I will read a story at 8:00
if pajamas are on and teeth are
brushed,” and your kids aren’t ready
by 8:00. Lovingly point out the time
and put the kids to bed without reading.

Be encouraging by saying, “You can try again tomorrow.”

Positive Time-Out

People do better when they feel better. Positive time-out helps us cool off and access our rational brains.

1) Create a time-out space with your children. Let them decide what it would look like and what is in it.
2)  Let them give it a special name.
3) When they are upset ask, “Would it help to go to your “feel good” place?”
4) Model using positive time-out by going to your own feel good place when you are upset.

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