Sunday, July 4, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - Break The Code

Use the Mistaken Goal Chart in any Positive Discipline book.

1) Choose a behavior challenge.
2) Identify the feelings you have and how you react.
3) Identify the child’s reaction when you tell him or her to stop.
4) Use chart to identify what belief may be behind your child’s behavior.
5) Try suggestions in the last column of the chart to encourage behavior change.

The Mistaken Goal Chart is a very valuable tool that will help you understand the belief behind your child's behavior. Often as parents we spend most of our time dealing with the visible outward misbehavior of our children, which can be very frustrating. But if we can address the root of the problem, it is amazing how quickly the child's behavior will change.

Take time this week to notice how YOU are feeling when your child is misbehaving, then refer to the Mistaken Goal Chart to find a solution.

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Karen said...

Great reminder Brad.