Thursday, June 24, 2010

Using a knee injury to teach my children responsibility

Yesterday I had arthroscopic knee surgery and it was amazing for me to learn how capable my children can be when I am laid up in bed. This morning my 11-year-old daughter did some grocery shopping for me while I followed her around on my crutches. She handled everything including swiping my debit card (which was a little scary how good she was at that). She packed the groceries in the car, put the shopping cart away, and then brought the grocery bags in when we got home.

My son even did his chore of washing the dishes without any whining or complaining. Then he helped me with some lifting so I could get some of my work done today. Now they are getting ready to go to the amusement park with their cousins and they are doing everything they need to do without any assistance from me.

Although I will try and avoid any more ligament damage in the future, it is nice to know that my children can be so capable when they need to be. :-)


Karen said...

That's awesome (not the knee part!)! I'm sure they feel great about being so helpful.

Sometimes I think kids don't want to do their chores or things that we ask because they think we're just doing it to make their lives miserable, but when they see that you really do need their help they rise to the occasion.

Get better soon!

sassy said...

I always say.... expect the best! The is nothing wrong with having high expectations, realistic but also high. This was a rule I followed teaching for 10 years and now I still follow it as a Mommy. Hope you are feeling better soon, stay on top of the pain meds!

Janeen T, aka: Ben's Mommy said...

Ouch! Knee injuries are no good! I'm glad your kids have been so helpful. Get better soon. And please give the California bloggers a heads-up on your West Coast vacation plans!!