Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teenager Routine Success!

I had a previous post about my frustration with "Teenagers and Routine Charts" and received some great advice from India and Kim. They both recommended putting a hamper in the bathroom to solve the problem of clothes on the floor. Well I am happy to report that I finally had time to go to Walmart and pick up a $3.00 hamper and the problem is solved. So thank you for the advice and I highly recommend this solution.


Karen said...


Janeen T, aka: Ben's Mommy said...

It's the little things, isn't it? I taught Ben how to put clothes in a basket in his room last year and that's been his "job" since. I hope it sticks for a few years!
Thank you for the great link to your friend's site. She's beautiful, and a great inspiration too. The recipes look so good. Raw food isn't for everyone but I find that it's really agreeable to my body.
Lastly, what happened in Vegas???