Sunday, May 16, 2010

Positive Discipline Tool Card - Jobs

Children learn life skills, develop 
social interest and feel capable by helping out at home.

1) Brainstorm a family job list together.
2) Create fun ways to rotate jobs, such as a job wheel with a spinner, job charts, or a job jar for “fishing” out two chores for the week.
3) Take time for job training — do chores with them the first six years.
4) Discuss all problems at a family meeting and focus on solutions.

I'm sure a lot of parents have been patiently waiting for this Positive Discipline Tool Card to come up. Is there anybody out there who doesn't have issues with kids and jobs? Be sure and utilize the "Small Steps" tool card and if you have the deck of tool cards or the tool cards app, you may want to skip ahead and take a peak at the "Take Time for Training" tool card.

Remember that this is not something that will be mastered in one week. Jobs is an ongoing process that probably needs to be addressed at every family meeting. So let's be patient with our children as we introduce this concept. Some of you may already have a system in place and we would love to hear your ideas and success stories.

Good Luck!

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Karen said...

Chores are definitely an every-meeting agenda topic for us.

We had a list of things people had agreed to do but found that we needed a fresh start because things weren't being completed.

At the family meeting this week we introduced this card and then asked how everyone could contribute. Everyone came up with 2 things to do on a daily basis and we'll talk about how things went next meeting. The goal (MY goal :) ) is to gradually add jobs so that everyone is contributing more and it becomes routine.

I love the idea of a family clean-up on the weekend but that one has met with some resistance!