Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday in Emma's World

Today I was driving Emma to her chorus practice. They are preparing to put on the play "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". On the way there we had the following conversation.

Emma: "Dad...I don't want to watch movies with swear words anymore."

Dad: "Sweetie, what movies did you watch that have swear words."

Emma: "Remember that movie with the guy who is supposed to be a super hero, but he's not really a super hero." (Hancock with Will Smith)

Dad: "Ohhhhh yeah...that wasn't a very good movie."

Emma: "Yeah...those words are stuck in my head."

Dad: "Well, I just think of different words to replace them. Like Fahrvergn├╝gen and Shitake Mushrooms." (Emma laughed)

Emma: "What about the "A" word?"

Dad: "How about Asteroids?" (Emma laughed)

Emma: "What about the "B" word?"

Dad: "The "B" word?"

Emma: " know, B...I....T"

Dad: "Ohhhh...Uhhhh...I don't know. Let me think about that one." (Emma got out of the car and went to chorus practice)

After chorus practice I picked up Emma and she jumped in the car.

Emma: "Did you come up with a word?"

Dad: "YES...Biscuit. Like Son of a Biscuit!" (Emma laughed)

Emma: " know when it is Friday we like to say TGIF?

Dad: "Yes"

Emma: "Well I have a new one."

Dad: "What's that sweetie?"

Emma: "TBIT"

Dad: "TBIT???"

Emma: "Too Bad It's Thursday" (Emma and Dad both laughed)


Anonymous said...

That's really cute! :)

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Kelly H-Y said...

Great conversation ... and great responses!