Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Parking Lot Poem

When I need to park my car, I don't need to be too far
From the car next to me...about two feet, maybe three

But the parking spaces are so small, I almost have to make a call
To 911 to rescue me, and use the jaws of life to set me free

It's a good thing I don't drive a Hummer, that would REALLY be a bummer
Not only would I be a self-absorbed ass, while finding a space I'd run out of gas

The smallest parking spaces are at my gym, where people go to get more slim
But your workout program won't get too far, if you can't even get out of your car

So parking space painter guy give us a break, open your eyes for goodness sake
All we need is a few feet more, so we don't ding our cars when we open the door

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