Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Political Emails

Political emails are annoying at best. But in my view they are the worst kind of spam because these emails are usually forwarded from friends and family. In the history of the internet, has a single political email ever swayed someone into believing that elitist capitalism is the only morally valid political view? Or that socialism is all the rage? No...political emails usually only demonstrate the ignorance of the sender. During the last presidential campaign my inbox was flooded with these political emails. I received the ever popular metaphorical stories that use farm animals to demonstrate a point. Or there are those that supposedly come from a school teacher and use children to play on our emotions. They use flawed logic and inaccurate comparisons to convince everyone that our country will be going to hell in a hand basket if we don't agree with them. Mostly these emails are trying to demonstrate that hard working Americans are getting the shaft because the Democrats are trying to redistribute the wealth. So here's my question...If these Americans are so hard working, how do they have time to craft and forward all of these ridiculous emails. So once and for all let me just respond to every political email I've ever received. 1. Not all hard working people are wealthy. 2. Not all wealthy people are hard working. 3. Farm animals don't work to feed their family and pay the mortgage. 4. Political party affiliation does not define a person. 5. If you have so much time on your hands, run for political office. 6. President of the United States is the most difficult job on earth and I certainly don't want it. 7. If you send me a political email degrading women, minorities, or gay people...I will put you in the bigot folder. 8. Do you really believe fear and hate will ever accomplish anything good? 9. If you are going to send political email, at least make it funny. 10. Spell check and fact check! 90% of these emails are false. Go to www.snopes.com and save us all some time!


Anonymous said...

Let me add a couple more:
1)There is no one standard for the TRUE AMERICAN. He isn't always a white, Christian, heterosexual, middle/upper class, over age 50 republican.
2)Saying something hateful in the name of Jesus doesn't make it moral,correct or sacred.

Oh my gosh, I get these emails from a certain relative all the time. The level of hatred and bigotry makes me sad and embarrassed for her. Yet, she's so enmeshed in this "mission" that for me to even gently ask her not to send them would incite a family riot. I don't dare block the emails because she's family. I feel like I'm losing a little of myself or selling out every time I get one of these hateful emails and don't respond. Boy, if you've got a solution, I'd love to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you just laugh if you think it's funny and hit delete if you don't?
It is really SO simple!

Anonymous said...

I have never,let me say that again,I have never received an email from the right that was not full of outright lie's and missleading statements at best...And when I have sent the senders the truth it is always "Oh I was just stiring the pot" "Oh I thought it was funny" "If you don't like it just delete it" Before you put your good name to an email maybe you should check to see if any of it's true...Unless you don't care about soiling your name by putting it on propaganda that is full of lie's about our Government.