Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A StrAinge New Blog

I had heard of blogging, but never really understood the concept. Then I stumbled on to http://dancingwithcrazy.blogspot.com/ and was thoroughly entertained! Not only that, but it seems very therapeutic for the author. So I thought I would venture into the world of blogging. I am a full-time single father and a lot of what I write in this blog will relate to the single parenting lifestyle.

As a brief background...I have been married twice. I have a daughter from my first marriage that lives with her mom. I have a boy and girl from my second marriage as well as a step-son who all live with me. My second wife is out of the picture most of the time, but does visit her children about once a month.

I have been single now for 5 years and have been learning and growing each and every day. The challenges of raising kids, making a living and dating will put you on the fast track of personal growth and enlightenment. I'm looking forward to sharing the journey!



Emily Pearson said...

Wow. I feel so honored to be mentioned and enjoyed.

Welcome to blogging! It's a party.

Jane Nelsen said...

Hey Brad, you are a good writer!!! And, your mother enjoys reading about your life--well, some parts make me want to cry. I wish you never had to feel any down times, but know you are learning a lot from them. I wish you lots of joy.
Love, Mom