Wednesday, June 20, 2007


In my humble is the greatest game ever invented! I spent the past weekend playing in a member/guest tournament with a good friend! What an amazing Father's Day weekend!!! I am so grateful that my kids allowed me to spend the weekend out of town doing what I love! Isn't that what Father's Day should be about???
I love golf because it is as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Especially when playing in a tournament. Friday was our practice round and I played very well shooting a 78! Equaling my best round on that golf course. Then Saturday the tournament began and I couldn't find my swing. What seemed so easy the day before suddenly became a silent (well sometimes not so silent) struggle between me, the golf course and my anxiety about playing in a tournament. And although it was a frustrating day it taught me a lot about my current ability to handle pressure. Golf takes a positive attitude. It takes the ability to bounce back from adversity. And it can humble even the most talented of players as was demonstrated by Aaron Baddeley who Sunday afternoon started the U.S. Open with a two shot lead and proceeded to triple bogey the first hole!
But golf is so much more than that! It is also a bonding experience. My Father taught me the game and we were able to spend many hours together on the golf course throughout his life. Some of my most memorable experiences with my best friends have included a round of golf. Next year some good friends and I are planning a trip to Scotland to play some of the oldest courses in the world. I can't wait!!! Even though I've heard these courses are very difficult and I will most likely leave a lot of golf balls on the course hidden in the feskew...I will be experiencing the birthplace of the game of golf! And that will be worth every penny and every lost golf ball!

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